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Forward Thinking Wealth Management, LLC was founded based on a solution to what I believe is a broken system where nearly all advisors are paid on a commodity we do not control – the stock market.  My philosophy is based on the fact if you can control three things you dramatically improve the odds of successful investing. 1. Control the fees you pay your advisor. 2. Control the fees you pay for investment products. 3. Minimize the tax impact of your portfolio.

At FTWM, I operate on a flat annual charge of $4,800, which can be paid monthly or annually. This is the same regardless of  account size.  The average advisor charges an annual fee of .99% based on the assets they manage.  While most advisors charge for things out of their control, I am compensated based on my value and expertise, similar to an attorney or CPA.

I am located in Akron, OH, however, I am set up virtually and work with clients across the country.  Visit my main website, www.forwardthinkingwm.com, for more information about me and my unique financial planning firm.


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